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Sacred Space, Inside and Outside


Sacred Space
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Sacred Space, Inside and Outside

After attending my workshops people often ask me about creating sacred space in their home. When we make a change in one area of our lives, it has a ripple effect in every other area. After powerfully engaging our breathing for example, you may notice that the way you are in the world is completely different. Welcoming cleanliness, order, and spaciousness into your home creates ease and clarity and invites greater perspective into your life. The more comfortable and at home you feel in your physical environment the more comfortable and at home you will feel in your toes and in your belly and in your breath.

Sometimes, after deep transformations, the same friends you have spent time with on the weekends may no longer satisfy your need for connection. The career you have invested so much time in may no longer reflect what you truly want to offer this world. Rather than changing everything all at once, you may want to start with your physical home environment. Making changes in your physical environment allows you to make huge changes to your physical health. For example, if you would like to eat more fresh vibrant, living foods and you don't have a cutting board and a knife, it would be very difficult to incorporate more fresh food in your diet. 

As a first step, you could find 3 simple things in your house that you would like to change to make your environment more nourishing to you. Make a commitment to changing them this weekend! The environment is what you steep in, just like tea steeps in hot water. The more clear and vibrant and beautiful your environment is, the more it will invite you to let go completely into this moment and be here and now. The more you feel inspired by your living space and your environment, the more clean and clear your internal home can also become - it works both ways - the internal and the external can become an upward moving spiral. 

Finding it hard to create sacred space in your home? Take a break by going for a walk in the woods, take some deep breaths and become inspired by the natural order. Don't have time for the woods? Sit on your front lawn. Watch a plant grow. The Natural order is everywhere. If you're feeling completely stuck, I'm happy to help. Just drop me a line and we can schedule an appointment.

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